Abu Dhabi: Scuderia Ferrari's final fight of 2017

Race Facts

  • 55 - laps make up the Abu Dhabi GP
  • 5.554 km - the length of each lap around the Yas Marina Circuit
  • 305.355 km - total race distance in Sunday's Abu Dhabi GP
  • 1:40.279 - current lap record set by Sebastian Vettel in 2009

Scuderia Ferrari arrives in Abu Dhabi ready to roll the dice one last time on what has been the most exciting Formula 1 season in years for both the sport and fans alike. Before the start of the season, over 1,000 man-hours went into the development and production of the SF70H to make it competitive for the 2017 season. It has been a success; Sebastian Vettel has been able to go head-to-head with title rival Lewis Hamilton on performance, strategy and speed.

Focus on this weekends twilight saga, which is hotly anticipated to be one of the best races of the season and a bitter fight to the end despite the F1 champion being crowned in Texas. To aid the buzz and excitement, this year’s final race of the campaign is a sell out, record numbers of fans will pack the stadiums to once again, but for the final time in 2017 cheer on Seb and Kimi as the SF70H roar’s around the Yas Marina Circuit.

However, don’t be fooled by the usual relaxed atmosphere in Abu Dhabi because there is still a race to be won. Scuderia Ferrari as always, will want to contest and give their maximum to try and complete a double podium after an expected explosive race. The finale will welcome fireworks that will rain down over the Yas Marina Circuit giving fans a true end-of-season spectacle courtesy of Formula 1.

The Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi GP in numbers

Here are the key numbers for the season finale Round 20 and Abu Dhabi GP this Sunday:

Race facts:

55 – laps make up the Abu Dhabi GP.

5.554 km – The length of each lap around the Yas Marina Circuit.

305.355 km – The total race distance to complete the Abu Dhabi GP.

1:40.279 – Current lap record set in 2009 by Sebastian Vettel.

This season finale race weekend’s tyre choice is unanimous. Scuderia Ferrari will run with the purple-striped Ultrasoft tyre as their main choice and to give them the best chance of glory in Abu Dhabi.

The complete tyre choice rundown for the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers is identical with both drivers opting for 1 set of the yellow-striped Soft tyre, 2 sets of the red-striped Supersoft tyre and 10 sets of the Ultrasoft tyre.

Let’s take you through a lap of the Yas Marina Circuit. It’s a circuit that is easy on the eye and a joy to race on. It offers speedy open straights, as well as quick flicks on the steering wheel left and right and brake-stamping 90 degree turns. Sector 1 remains high speed through turns 1 – 5 before reaching the first of 2 DRS activation points. The SF70H could reach speeds in excess of 280kph down the engine-screaming straight, before readying the car for the DRS zone in sector 2. From turns 8 & 9, cars will get a second run and a chance to overtake through the second straight before putting themselves to the test through the twisty turns for the remaining 10 corners of the lap.

With the race transitioning from day to nigh, hence the Twilight feature it’s difficult to find the perfect race set-up due to the varied track temperatures. This is a circuit where the team can collect good track data to help with Qualifying and Race strategy.

And finally, the forecast on first look seems as expected. Hot, sunny and dry conditions are expected throughout the race weekend in Abu Dhabi. Free Practice 1 & 3 will take place during daylight so expect on–track temperatures to reach 40c. However, Free Practice 2 and Qualifying could be trickier as day fades to night with cooler temperatures affecting set-up.

You won’t want to miss the on and off track action, so join the Kaspersky Motorsport Paddock for the conversations from Yas Marina in Round 20 of the Formula 1 season. #AbuDhabiGP #ForzaFerrari

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