Scuderia Ferrari Fiesta in Barcelona

Let the fiesta begin in Barcelona. In recent years the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona has been one of the season highlights on the F1 calendar (who can remember the 2016 Spanish GP?) and this weekend seems to be no different with fans already seeing 3 different winners in 4 races. The challenge is there from Scuderia Ferrari with Seb and Kimi fighting to be back on the podium again by the chequered flag of the Spanish GP.

Scuderia Ferrari gallops onto Round 5 in Barcelona, Spain on the back of the team’s first double podium finish and their 2nd race win of the season with momentum and performance on their side. With expectations slightly higher, the Scuderia Ferrari can continue to focus on the impressive speed and performance of the SF70H around Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona.

In preparations for this weekend’s race action, the team will be analysing track data from the earlier pre-season testing, where the SF70H had clocked up the equivalent distance of 7 Spanish GP’s, as well as topping the time sheets throughout F1 Testing.

The Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona is known as one of the most aero-challenging circuits on the F1 calendar will put the SF70H to the test again. Sunday’s race offers 66 demanding laps, showcasing on-track wheel-to-wheel battling with 20 of the world’s best drivers, but it will be Seb and Kimi who will hope to emerge as victors.

The cars will battle their way around 16 twisty corners with an average lap distance measuring 4.65km and an average lap speed of 180km/h, which means that fans could see the lap record fall once again this season. Next we focus on the track with all eyes focused on Turn 3 after the right-left flick, where Seb and Kimi will face the mighty turn ahead and a great opportunity to overtake. With the superior aero changes, the cars should take this corner at full speed. Turn 9 offers the greater G-Force pulling challenge, which will test the SF70H in a competitive environment.

Here are the vital numbers for the 2017 Spanish GP on Sunday.

Race facts:

66 – Laps make up this Sunday’s race for the Spanish GP

4.65km – The length of each lap around Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona

307.10km – Total race distance covered race day

1:21.670 – Current lap record set by Kimi Raikkonen in 2008

For Round 5 of the campaign, Pirelli has offered the team a choice of 3 sets of tyre compound. The team will get the choice of the Soft Tyre, Medium Tyre and Hard Tyre for the race weekend in Barcelona, so Scuderia Ferrari’s strategists will be tested once again. Early indications point to a possible 2-stop strategy due to the tyre-degrading track at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona.

The weather could serve up the team some exciting challenges. The forecast is set to remain largely dry across Free Practice and Qualifying with air temperatures to hover around 22°C, meaning track temperatures could see that figure rise to 30°C and above. However, Sunday’s race could be very different with a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms, which could play havoc with dry-race strategies.

The real tests and strategic talking points for this season’s Spanish GP will be who can fire their car to the front of the grid to give them the best possible race start. What tyre choices will the team opt for through Qualifying and Race Day? How many laps will the tyres last? How many pit-stops will the team make?

Tune into the high-speed action from the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona to join Seb and Kimi for Round 5 on May 12th – 14th! #SpanishGP #ForzaFerrari

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