Great minds thinking alike

A passion for technology

At Kaspersky Lab we are always on the lookout for interesting and different projects. We made a commercial with Jackie Chan, sponsored an all-female skiing expedition to the South Pole and then we came up with the idea of creating something truly global that would resonate around the world.

Formula One has historically required a very high level of technological support. IT plays a very important role in all spheres of the sprawling, complex world of racing from driver simulators to the design and development of the racing cars, and in the drivers' controls while out on the track. Seeing this space-age technology put to use on Earth moved us to get involved in the sport, which is just as technology-driven as our company.

See our technology passion with Scuderia Ferrari in 360 degrees with an onboard lap in the 2017 SF70H Ferrari right here.

A proven track record

Scuderia Ferrari is synonymous with the world’s premier racing championship; it is the oldest and most successful team in Formula One history. Scuderia Ferrari always aims to be the leader and is not deterred by any difficulties they may encounter. This season we can see that the team has grown even stronger, and we are glad to support them in their quest for victory.

Beyond the Formula One context, Ferrari is also a legendary brand and a global symbol of success and respectability.

From its inception in 2010, our relationship with Ferrari has grown and evolved. The Kaspersky Lab logo now appears at the centre and on the sides of the nose cone, on the car panels, as well as on the team’s overalls, helmets and uniforms. More than this, we are not only a sponsor to Scuderia Ferrari – we are an active and very proud partner of the entire Ferrari brand.

Great minds think alike

The commitment to excellence in everything we do means our companies are known throughout the world for being best-of-breed for technology, innovation and reliability. Another important trait we have in common is that both brands are named after their respective founders Eugene Kaspersky and Enzo Ferrari; two people who succeeded in making their dreams come true.

TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION and SPEED – these are the things that unite our two companies.

Both companies are world leaders in their respective industries: Ferrari manufactures some of the fastest cars in the world, while Kaspersky Lab guarantees the fastest response to cyber-threats in the world.

Looking out for tomorrow

Protecting the future is a cornerstone of our business and is also reflected in the ties we have in motorsport. Since 2013 Kaspersky Motorsport has been supporting Antonio Fuoco through his race career and now in his latest move to the F2 Series.

A key member of the respected Ferrari Driver Academy, you can track his current progress here as he accelerates towards an exciting future in Formula 1®.

Kaspersky Lab: Ferrari’s choice for IT security

With global volumes of malware and targeted attacks increasing exponentially, Ferrari were looking for an IT security partner that could not only keep pace with the latest threats, but have the expertise to stay ahead of them.

Performance would also be key as you’d expect from a high-octane innovator like Ferrari. It operates one of the most sophisticated production lines in the world, where high levels of automation combine with precision techniques, test data and more than 2,000 employees to form a complex, high-value infrastructure with unique security requirements.

In April 2013 we signed an agreement with Ferrari under which the total security of Ferrari’s IT systems, all the way from the legendary Maranello manufacturing site to the race cars on the track and everything in between, is safeguarded by Kaspersky Lab solutions.

This end-to-end solution is of paramount importance to Ferrari because during a single Formula One race, some 600GB of telemetry data is collected. This data is simultaneously transmitted to the Maranello headquarters and processed locally in a dedicated mobile server room that consists of 30 computers. This data is highly valuable to Scuderia Ferrari to support their ongoing research and development on and off track so at Kaspersky Lab we play an active role in the success of the Ferrari team as whole.

Discover more in the video below, created by Kaspersky Lab in 2017 with the collaboration of Scuderia Ferrari.