Undercover Simracing Features in the GTR24H For RARE Endurance Team.

Undercover Simracing drivers Peter Noe and Carsten Dyndegaard will participate in the 2017 GTR 24h endurance race for the Endurance eRacing World Championships in Middelfart, Denmark this weekend. It is the 10th year and the 10th anniversary of the event and one the team will be keen to win, since establishing itself on the Simracing calendar.

The GTR24h endurance race will take place on the 28th and 29th October (this weekend coming), so the team is prepared to battle their way to the podium.

The Simracing event is a 24h race at the legendary Le Mans Circuit (Circuit de la Sarthe) and is the biggest event of its kind. Each team has to use and bring their own Racerig and Simracing equipment to the location to race, with some of the pit boxes looking impressive and “real”. They replicate those that are throughout each real race weekend with multiple monitors showing date from the car, onboard streams, laptimes and standings, a weather radar and more key data that will need to be delivered to the racers to try and gain a competitive advantage.

The focus will turn to both Undercover Simracing drivers for the GTR24h will be featuring as guest drivers for the Dutch “RARE Endurance” Team. For them it’s the fifth time that they have competed in this spectacular annual Simracing event.

In previous years the team has normally driven with one GT car, but this year they’ll be trying their luck and doubling their chances with two LMP2 racers, so watch out for the #113 and #13.

For more information and to find out where you can see the action visit here:



There will also be prizes available for subscribers, followers and shares of the live stream. Main prizes will be awarded to the teams that finish the event in 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.

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