The World of Sim Racing


  • Sim Racing, as close to real racing as it gets
  • Millions of fans 
  • A new audience of motorsport fans

In short, it’s about as close to real-racing as you could get, especially with advancing gaming technologies bringing the virtual world of racing to real life.

The term, ‘Sim-racing’ means simulation racing and is usually refers to the virtual racing environment and the realistic physics that affect the cars vs racing a video game (Xbox One or Playstation 4) where they are designed to be driven by novices.

The equipment and software used will more accurately mimic the effects of tyre traction, suspension springs, car handling and changing track conditions effecting car performance etc. Because of these realistic physics, the cars are not as forgiving as what they are when drivers are pushing the car beyond its limits in video games, such as Project Cars.

Sim-racing is continuing to reach all-time highs for realism and the depth of physics simulations. Intelligently, drivers of sim-racing must drive the cars with the same skill and techniques of real race car drivers.

The balance of performance (BOP) must be well balanced to retain the high performance on track, mimicking a real race driver scenario.

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Sim-racing has certainly reached an all-time high for realism and depth of physics simulations. That doesn't mean it can affect your brain, body and senses in all the ways necessary to be able go out and do it for real. It is also necessary to realize that while it has gotten much closer to reality, it isn't reality. Simulation, especially on a consumer PC, still has it's limitations; limitations which real life couldn't care less about.

What are my Sim-racing options?

Well, the two leagues to be participate in of the ever popular world of Sim-racing is ‘iRacing’ and ‘Rfactor2’.

iRacing – is a subscription based racing simulation. It uses official race tracks, racing leagues and special events, which runs them in line with the real racing world. All of the racing simulation is held on the iRacing server and like real racing, it only allows the realistic cockpit view.

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rFactor2 – is a computer based racing simulator developed with an American market in mind, but is expanding to other parts of the world. Just like iRacing, the simulation is also a top choice for real and professional racing teams for driver training and race car developments. An example is Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers and teams.

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Stay tuned for more sim-racing updates from the growing support of real simulation gaming and the expanding realism of virtual racing.

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