The KM Emoji Hunt

Come along and share your passion for motorsport and show that you are the ultimate Tifosi. We’d like to take you on a fun emoji hunt through the world of Kaspersky Motorsport to win signed Scuderia Ferrari hats!

Join in the emoji hunt for your chance to WIN a signed Scuderia Ferrari hat for the next 10 days! We’ll be giving away one signed Scuderia Ferrari hat by Seb and Kimi each day up until the glamorous Abu Dhabi GP.

How to play

There will be 10 hidden trophy emoji’s that will be placed over the Kaspersky Motorsport website over the next 10 days.

Each day over the KM Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels we’ll be giving out clues to direct you to the page where you can find the hidden trophy on our website.

How to win

Simply find the hidden trophy emoji on that website page and click or tap on the trophy to enter. When you click or tap on the trophy emoji, a CONGRATULATIONS entry form will appear. Complete the form to enter into the competition for your chance to win a signed Scuderia Ferrari hat by Seb and Kimi!

Note: Winners will be chosen at random from the entries on that day. Only one winner will be announced each day and it cannot be the same winner.

Time of clues

Day 1: 18th November - 5:30pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - ERIC ERICKSON!

Day 2: 19th November - 5:30pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - YOLANDA MARTINEZ

Day 3: 20th November - 4:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - KEVIN KESZTHELYI

Day 4: 21st November - 5:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - ZSOFI KRAJNYAK

Day 5: 22nd November - 5:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - BECKY BAILEY

Day 6: 23rd November - 5:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - DANIELA BOTEZATU

Day 7: 24th November - 5:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - GERGO ZSOLT PAL

Day 8: 25th November - 5:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - MARIANGELA SCARINGI

Day 9: 26th November - 3:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - ROSS CURTIS

Day 10: 27th November - 3:00pm (UCT) [ENDED] WINNER - TEPPO LILJA

Get ready to play!! Use the #KMemojihunt to involve your friends!

Competition ends on 27th November (after the Abu Dhabi GP). Winners will be contacted by email or Social Media.

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