The Sound of Safety

We know that safety can mean many things, yet what does it actually sound like? The 'Sound of Safety' campaign called on Giancarlo Fisichella, James Calado, Marco Cioci, Amato Ferrari and AF Corse team members to think about what safety sounded like to them.

Kaspersky Motorsport drivers and team members shared the sounds that they associated with safety. See the video below.

Global cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab and science festival Starmus 2017 have investigated what safety sounds like to different people. Top DJs from around the world transformed the findings into ten tracks epitomizing the ‘Sound of Safety’.

Engaging with Kaspersky Motorsport drivers and the team members, the 'Sound of Safety' project investigated which sounds our psyche associated with the feeling of safety.

There are many aspects of safety involved in motorsport activities, including event management, barriers, pit and paddock safety, protective clothing and equipment, fire safety and fuel storage. But there is more. Everybody knows that there is valuable and confidential information that teams are trying to protect - race data. The worry about the safety of the team’s data is always a problem within motorsport. Drivers may take calculated risks on the track, but the virtual world of telemetry looks set to be a key winning factor in the sport for some time and cannot be put at risk. Drivers and teams shouldn’t have to choose between speed and protection. It is therefore integral that Kaspersky Lab with Kaspersky Motorsport keeps its racing data secure.

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Sound of Safety project:

“Safety in motorsport is constantly evolving and progressing. Most of all I like to win and I want to know that I’m safe during the race. To me safety sounds like a seatbelt clamp - the moment you sit down in the car and fasten your harness. This sound makes me calm and confident. I can’t wait to hear this sound again! The “Sound of Safety” project made by Kaspersky Lab has inspired and forced me to think more about security and safety.” Marco Cioci, Kaspersky Motorsport Driver