One More Year, Please...

The Formula One drivers’ market is living its hottest moments. New drivers to come, old drivers to stay and everyone guessing who and where. As a driver manager I know fairly well the mechanisms controlling this musical chairs lottery which keeps on repeating itself each year, starting at the Canadian GP in June and reaching its peak at the Hungarian GP in July, just before the summer break. By that time, usually, the “jeux son fait”.

It was interesting to watch the drivers’ behavior at the Magyar event looking for clues.

In Budapest I kept an eye on Bottas and Raikkonen who had excellent reasons for acting as perfect team players. With contracts expiring at the end of this year, both Finns left a very clear mark of their intentions: we want to stay.

Kimi broaded his shoulders helping Vettel to maintain the lead of the race and of the championship whilst Valtteri gave road to Hamilton with a blatant move on turn one. For both drivers a fair play attitude which is not that common in Formula One…..

On a different scale were teammates who have their future secured like Verstappen and Ricciardo. Their car and body language truly showed how great it feels to have next year’s contract in your hands..

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