It's two on three

I am a little superstitious and for this I avoided celebrating Ferrari’s first victory in Melbourne in my blog. Joy came bursting from the inside but, as I have no media deadlines to meet, I preferred to hold everything in my chest before printing my jubilance, and I do it now. No doubt that the week end in Bahrain has seriously marked the Scuderia’s crave for victory in his year’s F1 Championship.

A result planned to perfection since the Friday’s sessions, choosing to go for a more balanced car in the race rather than a quick one in qualifying: pure genius …This strategy has shown the calm and determination of Maranello’s squad; only consciousness of your own strength and limits can make you achieve amazing results, and so they did. Ferrari has also found a splendid Vettel to interpretate their moves to perfection. A car easy to drive can be raced at full pace for 90 minutes straight and Seb did just that. A big smile from Vettel on the podium is reflecting from ear to ear the mood of the Scuderia, well done boys in red!!

(Credit: Enrico Zanarini)

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