Bravo Nico

At the Amber Lounge after race party, all the attention was on him, the 2016 Formula One World Champion. Then, suddenly, papa Keke turned up at Nico’s table and rivers of emotions merged with cascades of champagne.

History was written again for the Rosberg family, this time the plot being a different one. It all started in the early days of karting when Nico and Lewis learned how to challenge each other on the race track.

The three times world champion always emerging as the stronger, the faster and the more victorious. Both drivers won the GP2 championship at their first attempt in different years but with the same team and entered with full rights the world of Formula One where comparing driver skills is difficult if the cars don’t match.

And when times went awesome for Nico, being served on a silver plate a championship winning hardware, Lewis arrived. It must have been really tough for young Rosberg accepting Lewis as a teammate, tougher than the three seasons he previously spent alongside the great Schumi. And even Schumi, in his immensity, offered less threat to Nico than Hamilton did. For three incredibly long years Rosberg trailed behind Lewis waiting for his opportunity to come. The two drivers fighting against each other grand prix after grand prix with the Brit always on top and winning two consecutive world titles. But the greatness of Nico came out from all those punches received, giving no emotional reason for defeat. Stronger than anyone I have seen for determination and dedication to work, Rosberg finally made the championship come his way, becoming the greatest sport on earth’s latest hero.

(Article written by guest blogger Enrico Zanarini)

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