Antonio Giovinazzi makes F1 debut in Australia

#TUTTIPAZZIPERGIOVINAZZI (two-tee-paz-zee-per-gee-ovee-naz-zee)

Too busy, too excited, too emotionally involved to write my blog.It has been a very eventful week end for me, full of turnarounds and new scenarios. Having spent so much time of my life in the Formula One paddock doesn’t necessarily mean that my job lacks surprises…For this I jumped up at 3 am on Saturday morning when I got a call to confirm that Giovinazzi would race the first GP of his F1 career on the week end.

One practice day was gone, but my driver would get a chance to qualify and race a Sauber. Perfect opportunity I say, but not an easy task. Antonio arrived in Melbourne only last Wednesday thinking he would fit well in his new third driver role at Ferrari with no racing on his schedule. For this he was still jet lagged when I gave him the news a bit later to let him catch up with his much needed sleep.The boy went straight in to the car and delivered as a much more experienced driver would. Never seen the Aussie track, never tried the ultra soft tyre with in qualifying mode, never started a GP before in his life. And yet, not only did he deliver in getting a place on the grid, but raced extremely well, finishing P12 and helping Sauber to stay in front of McLaren and Haas in the standings. Six years after Trulli and Liuzzi left the sport, an Italian driver is back on the F1 scene. Watch out…..

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