Alfa, Mon Amour

I have a special relationship with Alfa Romeo. Twelve years of my business life spent selling and promoting this prestigious brand in and out of the racing fields. I have dreamed to work in Formula One since I was a child and in1986, Alfa Romeo offered me a job as their commercial representative in the F.1 paddock, to supervise an engine supply deal to Ligier. I accepted with great enthusiasm, but one month later the project was canned by Alfa’s new owner Fiat and my dreams went back to square one.

Thirty one years after that uncomfortable episode, the serpent and the cross are finally back, but enthusiasm, at least mine for the moment, must stay contained. Alfa is back yes, but only as a larger sticker on the cars which are currently filling the last slots of the Formula One grid. A smart marketing operation and not a revolutionary return. Is this the beginning of new life for a marque which deserves a place on the Olympus of motor sport? Only time will tell.

My hope is that, with time, we can witness flocks of engineers migrate from bigger and better teams to bring their solutions and know how to Alfa, drivers to take the performance levels of the Alfa Romeo cars to an higher step and winning trophies to adorn a bookshelf left too empty for too long. Auguri, mon amour!

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